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There is only one airline with service to the island of Yap and that is Continental Micronesia. Its flights almost always go through Guam. You can also fly to one of the cities close to Guam- Manila, Palau, Hong Kong or Koror, and continue to Guam from there. Continental Airlines Micronesia have a very enticing offer for travelers with enough money and time on their hands. The service is called the ”Island Hopper” and it gives you the opportunity to “hop” on all of the major islands in Micronesia. You leave Honolulu, Hawaii, and stop in most of the islands in eastern Micronesia en route to Guam. Flights are scheduled three times a week so plan accordingly.

If you decide you don’t want to fly directly into Yap International Airport, you can fly to Guam and get to Yap by boat. Speedboats are the main means of transportation between the islands. Canoes are also used but they take up to three times longer in travel time. You can also take the field trip ship but it only operates twice a month. Same vessel goes to the islands of Ulithi and Fais. If you plan on visiting Ulithi, you have to make arrangements with the Chief of the island who resides on Yap. Once you have the Chief’s permission, you can also take the Pacific Missionary Aviation plane which is usually used to transport doctors and patients from the remote islands but you can charter it and get to the island of your choice. But remember, you can’t just show up on the island unless you’ve notified the Chief about the purpose of your visit.